Color is an essential expression of Italian exuberance and artistic elegance. Bertazzoni’s color inspiration stems from the natural foods of the Emilia-Romagna region, home to the Bertazzoni family and its 131 year old company. To select the exact hue, Bertazzoni looked outside to the local farmer’s markets, mixing rich pumpkin with exotic saffron and juicy persimmon. The result is “Arancio,” a uniquely beautiful deep orange, inspired by Italy’s fruits, vegetables and spices. It’s a color that becomes a true focal point for any kitchen while also harmonizing with the overall kitchen décor.

In the Professional Series, the stunning new “Arancio” color is available in all gas and dual-fuel models, in three sizes — 30”, 36” and 48”. In addition to new “Arancio” (orange), the Bertazzoni Professional Series is available in six rich colors including “Rosso” (red), “Vino” (burgundy), “Nero” (black), “Bianco” (pure white) and “Giallo” (yellow).

“The Bertazzoni family dinner table has always been laden with heirloom recipes that encompass the natural foods of the surrounding region,” said Valentina Bertazzoni, brand manager and sixth-generation family executive for Bertazzoni. “The new Arancio range creates a connection between Italian design and our regional cuisine. Arancio’s rich new color, combined with our innovative technology, perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Bertazzoni brand.”

Innovative, New Features Across the Bertazzoni Line
Bertazzoni today introduced six key features in its line of high-quality ranges.
• Beautiful brass burners provide a new, distinctive design look and commercial grade performance.
• Increased BTU power to 18,000 offers more power burner performance, dramatically increasing the
speed that home chefs can boil water for pasta or sear meat or stir fly.
• Precision control gas values for extreme low simmering helps people prepare delicate sauces
and “Cioccolato Fuso,” an Italian chocolate delicacy.
• New soft motion door hinges provide the home chef with easy control of the oven door, perfectly
counter-balancing the door with a smooth fluid motion.
• New ergonomically stylized handle keeps design in the forefront with a tangible, tactile feel.
• New telescopic glide racks help the home chef to safely and easily handle the heaviest dishes in and
out of the oven.

Bertazzoni Provides More Choices for Dual-Fuel Models at Accessible Prices
For the first time, Bertazzoni now offers its manual dual-fuel models at the same price point as its gas models. This is an industry first. The availability of dual-fuel performance has also been expanded across the Bertazzoni line for all self-clean models.

Bertazzoni Launches New Heritage Series with Performance and Feature Enhancements
The updated Bertazzoni Heritage Series offers the same classic vintage look, infused with the latest technology and advanced cooking features. The new model includes high efficiency brass gas burners, gas convection cooking, a full width infrared gas broiler, soft motion door, and new telescopic oven gliding racks. Inspired by the diversity of fine wine and cheese of the Italian region, the Bertazzoni Heritage Series comes in three colors – “Nero” (black), “Vino” (burgundy) and “Crema” (cream).

Bertazzoni Expands Built-In Series
Bertazzoni award-winning Built-In Series now has a new XV Professional line that marries the quality and traditions of Italian excellence in engineering with even more accessible pricing. The XV line now also includes 30” double ovens, featuring the dual diagonal convection as well as a 24” single oven, a stainless steel front, controls and the new ergonomically stylized handle. In addition, Bertazzoni introduced a new compact full function built-in oven with an integrated microwave function. This model features convection and regular heating as well as a broiler mode plus a microwave boost function to reduce cooking times significantly compared with a conventional oven. With the addition of the new XV line and the Combi microwave oven, Bertazzoni now offers the most comprehensive built-in cooking suite of any imported brand.

Bertazzoi’s New iPad App
Currently in beta with availability in May 2013, Bertazzoni’s new, free iPad app is visually rich and easy-to-use. It’s designed to help Bertazzoni distributors, dealers, architects and designers easily access Bertazzoni’s latest product information and pricing on the go.

“Bertazzoni’s new iPad app is an incredibly useful sales tool for showing our customers Bertazzoni’s latest products and innovative features,” said Craig Friedman, chief executive officer for Eastern Marketing. “If we don’t have a specific model on the showroom floor, we now have an interactive, mobile way to show people what the Bertazzoni products look like, right at our fingertips.”

About Bertazzoni

Based in Italy, Bertazzoni is a 131 year old family-owned company that manufactures ranges, ovens, cooktops and ventilation systems. Designs range from contemporary and traditional to classic. Embracing a strong heritage of fine engineering and the culinary culture of the Emilia Romagna region, Bertazzoni products are built with passion and precision by people who know about cooking, for people around the world who love to cook. Multimedia components, including Bertazzoni product and family photos and company timeline, are available upon request. For more information, visit