The state of Texas received more than $23 million in federal stimulus funds from
the U.S. Department of Energy to establish and administer an Energy Efficient
Appliance Rebate Program — the first of its kind in Texas. The Texas Trade Up
Appliance Rebate Program encourages consumers to replace old (but functional)
appliances with new, energy efficient, ENERGY STAR® or CEE qualified models to
stimulate the Texas economy and increasing energy conservation efforts in Texas.

Texas residents qualify for a rebate if they purchase an eligible appliance (see below) in-store at a Texas retailer between April 16th- 25th. You must replace an older appliance for a new, energy-efficient model to receive a mail-in rebate.

Milestone is pleased to offer several models that qualify for the rebate program:

  • All Asko 5000 series dishwashers + Viking Dishwashers (DDB200, VDB200)
  • Asko Clothes Washers (W6022, W6222, W6903FI, W6903SS, W6903W, WL6511, WL6532XXL)
  • Refrigerators (All Viking Refrigerators excluding side-by-side units- VCBF136, VCFF136, DDFF136, VCSF136DDDSF136D)
  • Freezers (VCFB530, VCFB536, VIFB530, DDFB530, DDFB536, DFFB530, DFFB535)

Beginning April 7, 2010 at 7 a.m. CT, consumers can visit the online
reservation system at or call toll-free to 1-877-780-3039
to reserve rebates.

For more information, including a complete set of rules
and qualifying appliances, or to sign up for Texas Appliance Rebate e-mails and
mobile alerts, visit You can also follow us on
Twitter at