In Februrary, Coyote Outdoor Living launched a new indoor and outdoor table top Electric Grill.

The Coyote Electric Grill ($799 MSRP) turns any outdoor space, large or small into a true outdoor living environment. It has a sleek, attractive silhouette and can be placed on a table, pedestal stand or built into an island or cabinet.

Coyote Outdoor Living Electric Grill

“Design and value are at the heart of Coyote Outdoor Living, our passion is to elevate the outdoor living experience with a selection of products that marry power and durability with style,” says Jim Ginocchi, President, Coyote Outdoor Living. “The introduction of the new Electric Grill expands the category to allow urban apartment dwellers and those who have downsized with limited outdoor space to recreate the nostalgic enjoyment of backyard barbeques with family and friends.”

With the Electric Grill, the enjoyment of grilling continues year round because the Electric Grill allows you to grill in the heart of winter. For Coyote, outdoor living is a way of life that is about being freed from the limits of space or season. Because it is not rolled out in June and packed away in November, Coyote becomes an integral part of your daily life through the joy of entertaining outdoors.

The Electric Grill comes with an exciting feature that doesn’t require your immediate attention; a timer that shuts off automatically and doesn’t overcook your food. Some other features include:

  • One SKU for portable, built-in or pedestal version
  • Temperature range of 175 – 550 degree Fahrenheit
  • Warming rack
  • Spatula, tongs and cover included
  • Weighted bottom in pedestal stand
  • Hinged side shelves on pedestal stand

Park City, Utah resident Melissa Labelle recently took the Coyote Electric Grill on a test drive for family pizza night on her deck with a view:

I received my Coyote electric grill on Friday and we put it to the test that evening.
We did family pizza night, and to say I was amazed at the results is an understatement!

The grill got to 500 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

Our pizzas were delicious! Crispy on the bottom and melted cheese on the top. Incredible grilled flavor.

Clean up was so simple. Nothing stuck to the teflon, so it just needed a quick wipe-down.







Photo credits: Sean Faulkner

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