With the holidays rapidly approaching, what better time to embrace all of the fabulous benefits that is the lifestyle simply known as . . . Viking!

To that end, let me take just a few minute to share with you just few tips, tricks and techniques that will unlock the spontaneity and ease that is waiting for you on your Viking range/ range top griddle!

The trick to getting the most out of your griddle is to treat it as you would your Mom’s cast iron skillet.

Your griddle is 5/8” thick cold-rolled steel! Share that with your neighbors and savory the look of “griddle-envy” that is inevitable. But, just like your mother’s cast iron skillet, it requires a certain amount of unique care.

Like Mom’s skillet, once seasoned, you will rarely take a scouring sponge and soap to the griddle surface to clean it. My favorite way to remove the residual oil and debris from the griddle between items is to use a pastry blade to scrape or drag the cooking build-up forward to the removable tray in front. Keep in mind that you are not trying to remove the dark rich “fawnd” that has built up over the previous uses. This cleaning is solely meant to reduce the surface to an even, smooth pallet for the next culinary adventure. It is important to finish the cleaning with a generous coating of fresh oil.

It might help to know that the seasoning or “fawnd” is carbonized residuals of the foods and oils you have cooked before. The key word here is carbonized; carbon had no food for bacteria or bugs. It is, in fact, the cleanest, most aseptic cooking surface there is. It might look un-kept, but this is the secret to successful griddle cooking.

If the look of a seasoned griddle might challenge your vision of the polished Viking kitchen, simply purchase a stainless steel cover or the new bamboo butcher block to cover your griddle by going to VikingRange.com.  Be sure to select the size that fits your particular griddle.

Before you can find the bliss in your griddle cooking, you must clean and season the griddle. This is a one-time process, but it is essential to get the most out of the griddle. The process only takes an hour from start to finish. Listed below is a step by step video tutorial on how clean and season your griddle. It is only six minutes long and works great on any iPhone or equivalent.

Finally, here are a couple of recipes that highlight some of the wonderful opportunities waiting for you on your Viking griddle.

Most importantly, may these holidays find you and yours in good health, in great spirits and in the warmth of your own home!

Chef Scotty Campbell Ambassador of the Lifestyle that is . . . Viking!