Scotty Campbell

Milestone's own Chef Scotty Campbell was selected to present, "Designing the New Culinary Oasis" as a CEU offering at Metrocon in Dallas, Texas this summer. The topic, course description and details are below.

Metrocon is a two day event focusing on introducing the latest in products and innovative ideas to the Southwest region's community. It is organized by the Texas/Oklahoma Chapter of IIDA (International Interior Design Association) and the Texas Chapter of ASID.

Designing the New Culinary Oasis
FRIDAY, August 12, 2011
01:00PM – 02:00PM
Presenter: Scott B Campbell
Company: Milestone Distributors
Course Description:
Designing the new "Culinary Oasis" is an informative and entertaining look at the latest trends in kitchen design from the perspective of a professional chef. Participants will learn and explore the evolution of kitchen design – from the galley kitchen to the cultural living center of the home. We will discuss kitchens within kitchens work stations and how to personalize them, while celebrating the new technology and materials to support the work station objective. Finally we will talk about longevity and flexibility as it relates to the kitchen and analyze the financial value of the kitchen oasis concept.

Visit the Metrocon website for more details!