Blomberg Ventless Heat Pump

Blomberg Ventless Heat Pump Dryer

Blomberg, manufacturer of premium, energy-efficient appliances, continues to expand its presence in the U.S. market with the debut of its 2015 product line – including the first Ventless Heat Pump Dryer– at last month’s Architectural Digest Home Design Show.

Leading Blomberg’s 2015 appliance lineup are its efficient dishwashers and it’s new Ventless Heat Pump Dryer.  The ventless heat pump technology in the new dryer allows builders and designers the flexibility to place the new dryer, along with its stacking washer, anywhere in the home, from the kitchen to hall closet.

From this great article by Yale Appliance, the advantages of ventless drying are clear: flexibility, energy efficiency, compact size, and fast drying.

One of the most fascinating features of this new technology is its flexibility. Builders do not need to cut holes for ventless dryers– because moisture is removed via a drain or collection below the unit, instead of via expelled air.

How a heat pump works

How a heat pump dryer works


Learn more about the Blomberg Ventless Heat Pump Dryer from the recent press release